Does Duane's Radiator Shop work on other things besides radiators?

Yes! We also do automotive work such as brakes, steering, suspension and more.

Can you repair my leaky fuel tanks?

Of course, we repair worn fuel tank strap areas as well as install new filler necks.

Will Duane's remove and replace my radiator?

Yes we can remove your old radiator and install you new one in-house.

Can I just drop off my radiator?

Yes, if it is convenient for you, drop off your radiator and we will call you when its done.

Do I need to remove my radiator to replace the filler neck?

No, we can replace your filler neck on your truck, while you wait - no appointment is necessary.

I have a small visible leak in my big truck radiator. Do I need to remove my radiator to get it repaired?

No,most of the time if you can easily see where the damage is, we can repair it in-frame for big trucks.

Can you handle my big horsepower radiators?

Yes, no radiator is too big or too small. We have a fork lift, and crane to assist with the bigger projects.

Will you come out to location if I can't get my radiator to you?

Yes, we offer in-field repairs for the projects that cannot make it to our shop.

Do you offer pick up and delivery?

Yes, call us and we can discuss what you have!