How to Extend the Service Life of Your Equipment

Trust your gas cooler repairs to our team in Williston, ND

Gas cooler tubes are prone to erosion. If neglected, corroded tubes will eventually fail. Thankfully, the team at Duane's Radiator Shop in Williston, ND can insert liners into damaged tubes to reduce the risk of failure. Our industrial gas cooler repair technicians can also replace worn-out tubes with OEM parts.

Although we can perform gas cooler repairs on-site, we prefer to do it at our shop. Call 701-572-3075 now to arrange for pickup and delivery services.

If we can't fix your cooler, we'll rebuild it

It's not always possible to repair an industrial gas cooler that's run-down. If that's the case with your equipment, we can:

  • Clean your cooler
  • Replace the main core
  • Install all-new tubes
Feel free to drop your equipment off at our repair shop in Williston, ND. Or give us a call and we'll pick it up. You can count on us to repair your gas cooler in a timely manner.